Ongoing Support


Media exposure

Do you or someone you know work for a media outlet? Forward them this info and ask them to cover this case. If you or they publish a piece, even if it is on your own blog or tumblr, please send the link to

There is widespread corruption involved in the background of this case. There is enough information available for an investigative journalist to really make a splash with a huge story. Our team has done extensive research that we can share.

Do you or someone you know work for an organization or group that has access to a large list serv? Consider sending out an e-mail to your listserv asking people to pay attention to this case!

Do you or does someone you know operate a Facebook page with an engaged audience who would like to know that this case is happening? If you have a Facebook page, be sure to share information there. We have pre-made memes available for use (see below). Feel free to make your own! When you share the memes share links to this document so people know where to find more information!


solidarity actions

Gather up your friends, your organization, your classmates, your co-workers, and your neighbors, make a few signs or a banner with a message of support. Take a few photos or a short video explaining why you support the Onondaga 15. Send media to so we can share them through social media.

Hold a teach-in where you live, work, and organize. There is plenty of information about this case available online and videos as well. The bottom of this document will compile media associated with this case for you to use. Make it short, or make it longer, whatever you know will work best in your community. We are happy to provide more information or clarify things for you.

Use the hashtags: #Onondaga15, #NoIndianDetail, #I181IndianDetail, #NativeJusticeNow

Contact local media: If you live in New York State or New York City contact your local media and demand that they send someone to the court to cover this historic trial!

court support & solidarity For when court is in session

A noise demonstration to show your support outside the courthouse building. The trial is taking place on the 12th floor, but there are windows. We can try to get you info on which street the windows face as well if you're considering this.

A march around the courthouse or Armory Square. Be sure to contact local media to let them know what you’re doing and why. If no press show, create your own media with the tools at hand. Take photos, do interviews with each other about why you’re there, even if there are only a few of you. Every bit of support counts. Send media to

Use an old T-shirt and some paint or thick black sharpies to write “I support the Onondaga 15” or “Fair Trial for the Onondaga 15” on the front.

Bring banners and stand outside the courthouse. We have used banners that have had messages like “Colonization Never Ended: Support the Onondaga 15!”. Be creative, be bold; send a positive message of support, whatever that looks like to you.

Bring bottles of water, and *pre-made store bought in-package food* to offer to the plaintiffs and their supporters during recesses and lunch breaks. It’s expensive for them to buy food every day during the trial. Consider bringing cash to offer for gas money.