• A Statement from Ronald Jones Sr. about the Banishment of him and his Wife Ruth Jones 1985. Context: Ronald Jones Sr. and his wife Ruth Jonesowned the land where the 1997 I-81 Indian Detail attacks took place. The husband and wife were banished from their home at Onondaga Nation by Chief Lean Shenandoah and Oren Lyons. The banishment was widely opposed and is proven to be in direct violation of the Great Law, Clan Laws, and Longhouse and in direct conflict with traditional Haudenosaunee ways. Ronald Jones Sr. was later murdered in what is widely understood to be retaliation for speaking out about corruption at Onondaga and involvement of Onondaga Chiefs in the 97' attacks.
  • Looking Back: The Truth Behind the Jones' Illegal Banishment by Karen Jones
  • Onondaga Elder Statesman Ronald Jones Sr. Found Murdered in Home Engulfed in Flames (February 11, 1999)
  • Eulogy to Ron Jones An Interview with Ron Jones' Daughter –Karen Jones– and Niece –Fran George– on Thomas Sullivan's Radio Show. The program was interrupted in the middle when Joe Heath –white settler and official lawyer for the (illegitimate) Council of Onondaga Chiefs– demanded the broadcast be ended by threatening a law suit, effectively silencing and denying the free speech of the Onondaga People.